Meet the Team

Confluence Discovery Technologies brings together a talented, diverse team of scientists and professionals with extensive experience in pharma, biotechnology and drug discovery.

Joe Monahan

Joseph Monahan, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Walter Smith

Walter Smith

Scientific and Business Development Consultant

Gary DeCrescenzo

Gary DeCrescenzo

Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Jon Jacobsen

Jon Jacobsen, PhD

Senior Vice President, Chemistry, St. Louis Site Head

Paul Changelian

Paul Changelian, PhD

Senior Vice President, Biology

David Anderson

David Anderson, PhD

Executive Director, Chemistry

William Taylor

William Taylor, PhD

Senior Director, Biochemistry

Heidi Hope

Heidi Hope, PhD

Senior Fellow, Biology

Jeff Hirsch

Jeff Hirsch

Senior Director, Operations

John Springer

John Springer, MS, MBA

Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Development and R&D Project Management