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At Confluence Discovery Technologies, we supply you with deep scientific expertise and cross-platform integration, so you get the best of both worlds: specialization with speed, flexibility and coordinated evaluation and problem-solving.

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  • Confluence provides comprehensive novel biomarker development and testing. We help you develop a successful biomarker strategy by leveraging our scientific team's extensive knowledge across a broad range of assay platforms to identify the optimal technology necessary to obtain desired assay performance.
  • Our experts provide development and assessment of early PD/efficacy biomarkers confirming translation of mechanism of action (MOA) in many matrices, including serum, plasma, and tissue homogenates. This technology can then be transferred to the clinic continuing to monitor biomarkers through clinical trials, expediting your drug timeline.


  • Confluence scientists provide expertise in in vitro and/or in vivo functional assays for cytolytic T cell (CTL) killing of tumor cells, regulatory T cell inhibition of cell proliferation and antibody- or Complement-dependent killing as well as analysis of the differentiation and reactivation of Th1, Th2 and Th17 cells. Parallel in vivo tumor models are in development, which will allow analysis of CTL killing of tumors, as well as effects of checkpoint blockade antibodies in combination with novel small molecule drugs.
  • Additionally, flow cytometry assays in whole blood, PBMCs and purified immune cell subsets for single and multiplexed assays. Multicolor (up to 4 color) immunophenotyping, calcium flux functional analysis of immune cells, and intracellular cytokine analysis are available.

Mechanistic Enzymology

  • Confluence scientists are classically trained enzymologists and biochemists with extensive experience in biochemical and biophysical assay development and drug analysis providing our clients with industry leading enzymology.
  • Our expertise offers flexible enzyme assay platforms to provide robust validated assays, direct HTS translation in 96/384 plate formats and in depth progress curve generation with global fit analysis. We provide hit validation with IC50 values, detailed inhibitor mechanistic analysis (Ki, Kon, Koff), binding kinetics, custom formatting, high throughput “fit for purpose,” and custom curve fitting software when “off the shelf” is not an option.

Case Studies

A Clinical Phosphoprotein Biomarker Assay

CASE STUDY: A Clinical Phosphoprotein Biomarker Assay Development, Validation, & Implementation Synopsis An assay was developed, validated and utilized in a clinical study to determine the activation of “Kinase 1” in human feces as a biomarker of colonic inflammation resulting from infection.

Understanding the Kinetics of Enzyme:Inhibitor Interactions

CASE STUDY: Understanding the Kinetics of Enzyme: Inhibitor Interactions Biochemistry & Enzymology Studies Synopsis The kinetics of human matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP-2) inhibition by galardin was determined.

Determination of p38α Kinase inhibitor dissociation rate constants using Microfluidic Technology

CASE STUDY: Determination of p38α Kinase inhibitor dissociation rate constants using Microfluidic Technology Synopsis A continuous kinase assay was employed using Caliper mobility shift technology to evaluate dissociation rates of a select group of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPKα) inhibitors and thereby differentiate inhibitory mechanisms.

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