Scientific Solutions

Stand-alone services with an integrated approach

Plug & Play or Customize: it's your choice. At Confluence Discovery Technologies, we understand your scientific needs vary for your research partnerships. We make it easy for you to select a stand-alone scientific solution that you can "plug and play" into your project, while still providing you with coordinated communication within our cross-platform research teams.

And what do you do when "off-the-shelf" is missing the mark? Our team of drug discovery experts work with you to design and execute a custom-tailored scientific solution for your research endeavor.

The result: you gain targeted, complete research services that add speed and flexibility to your timeline. Our stand-alone scientific solutions are supported by integrated teams, so you remove hassles and manage fewer vendors.

Biochemistry & Enzymology

  • Enzyme/Cellular assay development and screening
  • Steady state kinetics
  • Biacore® (SPR)
  • Radioligand binding
  • Absorbance, Fluorescence, Luminescence
  • Isothermal calorimetry

Cell & Molecular Biology

  • Primary cells, patient samples and cell lines across species
  • Multiple analysis formats: ELISA, FACS, MSD, Luminex
  • Signal transduction pathway analysis
  • Intracellular, secreted and membrane analytes
  • Cloning and protein over-expression
  • Transient and stable cell line generation

Custom Assay Development

  • Flexible screening formats, biochemical & cellular assays, direct HTS translation
  • 384 well enabled, liquid handling options and versatile plate readers
  • Data analysis – hit validation & IC50 values, fit characterization, detailed mechanistic analysis
  • Specialty screens – custom formatting high-throughput “fit for purpose”

Biomarker Development & Translational Biology

  • Target Biomarker – assess target modulation and coverage
  • Functional Biomarker – assess modulation of function downstream of target
  • Disease Biomarker – assess disease state or modulation of disease state
  • Safety Biomarkers – assess correlation with and monitoring of adverse events
  • Seamless assay transfer form pre-clinical to clinical studies

Immunology & Immuno-Oncology

  • TH1, TH2 and TH17 differentiation and reactivation
  • B cell functional assays
  • Cytokine and mediator modulation
  • CDC and NK cell ADCC and killing assays
  • Cytotoxic T cell assays
  • PBMC and whole blood assays
  • Macrophage and neutrophil assays

In Vivo

  • ADME Studies
  • Acute pharmacology studies
  • PK/PD analysis
  • Cancer xenograft models
  • Inflammation models
  • T cell activation models
  • Biomarker development


  • Physicochemical characterization
  • Functional assessment and lead prioritization
  • Release assay development and qualification
  • Direct binding affinity and kinetic measurements
  • Ab:Ag affinity screening


  • Structure based drug design
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Computational chemistry
  • Non-GMP Bioanalytical services
  • Compound and API synthesis
  • Synthetic route analysis
  • Competitor landscape analysis
  • Bio-Analytical Chemistry (LC/MS/MS)
  • Analytical chemistry

R&D Consulting

  • Project evaluation
  • Strategy development
  • Testing funnel development
  • Pre-Clinical and enabling studies (GLP)

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