Confluence welcomes William Taylor Ph.D. as Confluence’s new Director of Biochemistry

Dr. Taylor is an accomplished biochemist and drug discovery scientist with a history of providing
strategic leadership and critical analyses across multiple target classes & disease areas. Prior to
Confluence Discovery Technologies he spent seventeen years at Vertex Pharmaceuticals where he
gained extensive experience in bringing small molecules forward from initial screen through hit-to- lead
and lead optimization, with expertise in assay development, screening, and mechanism-of- action
studies. He completed his undergraduate work at Case Western Reserve University before training as a
mechanistic enzymologist at Indiana University and the University of Michigan.

  • Provide expertise in strategy, planning, resourcing and execution of research projects
  • Deliver high quality biochemical and biophysical data via deployment of and investment in
    both bench scientists and relevant technologies
  • Develop and implement strategy to advance biochemistry, biophysics, and enzymology
    expertise in support of both internal and external projects
  • Shape and advance corporate strategy and direction as a member of the Confluence Discovery
    Technologies research leadership team