Luminex® Multiplex Assays

Applications include

  • Signal transduction path way evaluation
  • Sample Sources: Tissue culture conditioned media, whole blood / isolated PBMC, serum/plasma, biological fluids
  • Species: human, mouse, rat, canine, non-human primate
  • Analytes: Signaling proteins (phospho and total), Cytokines, Chemokines
  • Data Generation:
  • Concentration (cytokine, chemokine and signaling molecules), IC50determination

As the information around signaling pathways and potentially drugable targets expands, there is increasing pressure to quickly probe these pathways. There is a greater need to understand the nature of protein-protein interactions within signaling pathways and to identify biomarkers of metabolic processes. Singleplex detection methods such as ELISA or Western blot assays are not suitable for rapid investigation of complex signaling pathways composed of several members. Luminextechnology offers the ability to multiplex detection of several proteins from a single biological sample. The open architecture of Luminextechnology allows for multiplexing of many types of assays thus reducing time, labor, and costs over traditional methods.


The Confluence Discovery Technologies team has a wide range of experience in developing and validating Luminex Multiplex assays to suit many different requirements. Our highly trained and knowledgeable scientists will assist with experimental design to develop and validate assays to meet client-specified criteria. We also perform data analysis and interpretation of LuminexMultiplex data to enable our clients to obtain the best insights from large, complex data outputs.

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